A Hidden Beauty Behind Baker

October 6, 2012

            This week, I discovered yet another gorgeous spot on campus: a wooded path for running, biking, hiking, etc. behind Baker Commons (senior housing). Had I known it had been there, I would have run there every day. The beginning of this week was warm and sunny, and as I looked for the entrance to the path that led behind Baker, I was taken aback by the sun and the tall grass. “We should have a photo shoot out here,” my dreamy mind thought. “…decked out in cowboy boots and flannel and all..”          

            After making a fool of myself by getting turned around several times, I finally found the start of the path and ran up the never-ending hill. Needless to say, I had to stop – not because I took the hill too fast to show off in front of the bio class that was out there – but because of this trail’s sheer beauty. (Okay, ya got me…I was tired. But it was certainly too beautiful to be rushing through, so it was nice to slow down for a while.) All of a sudden I came upon a spot where a river used to run through, and there was a big dam there with twigs and grass piled up. On the other side of the dam, the trail continued. And on I ran, almost feeling guilty for passing life by this fast – but all I could think was, “You don’t have forever…remember choir at 4!”

            The next section of the trail was sheer heaven. I came upon a spot where all of the trees were a bright yellow, and the light shone through the leaves creating the most beautiful canopy around me. It was breath taking.  I felt so safe and uncharted and peaceful. I was about ready to call it a day and camp out there for the night. By the time the trail had ended, I was let down – I wanted there to be more than just two miles of it. I was having such withdrawal that I decided to run the entire thing again…

How lucky I am to get to experience this kind of beauty on a daily basis…!

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