Fall is here

The weather decided to make a major switch last week. Along with that so did the health of many of the students on Luther College campus, including my own. This week is the beginning of round two for exams. It’s not the time to come down with a bug.

Everything about the outdoors right now speaks of fall. The trees are long past changing colors and are now beginning to be spread all over the sidewalk. There’s a cool, crispness to the air outside. Now don’t get me wrong, fall in Decorah is absolutely beautiful. The fall colors are everywhere, because nature is everywhere. I love fall in Decorah.

This weekend also brought with it many of the Luther alumni. This weekend was homecoming and so all kinds of fun and exciting events were happening at Luther and in the surrounding Decorah. There were many people walking around campus that were definitely over the age of 22, and yet still carrying the love for Luther that is second nature to Luther students and graduates.

I, however, missed these festivities. While people were at Flamingo Ball or Jazz Night, I was curled up in my bed fast asleep. I was working hard on getting my health back so that next week I am fully energized to attack my three exams.

It was a little bit sad to miss out on my senior homecoming, but I did what I needed to in order to get healthy and I don’t regret that. I spent all day yesterday sleeping, but that means that today I’m well enough to get all of my weekend homework done. It’s a trade-off that I had to take.

It’s strange to think though that next year I may be one of those alumns coming back to campus. So it’s not my last homecoming ever, just the last one as a student. I’m sure I’ll be back to enjoy many more homecoming festivities.

Cheers ladies and gents

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