School Boy

October 05, 2012

On the 31st of October,  we, the International Student Association and Allies, brought the ramp at Regents. We organized a fashion show which was aimed at taking Kids back to school. Our plan was to collect shoes, pads and money donations during the show which will be shipped to Swaziland (my Home country) to help those who need them. 

Even though I was part of the organizing team, I decided to model. I decided to be a school boy, just the way I was before 2006 when I got my O-level certificate.  In the school I went to, EBHS, we were required to wear full school uniforms.  I and my friends always wanted to make sure that we add style in the uniform without breaking any rules. So we would make sure that the uniform is ironed and the shoes are shined. We would even carry shoe brushes in school so that during the break we shine them removing the dust. We always looked clean. However, looking good did not come easy. I had to sacrifice time at home ironing and polishing my shoes which I did in the morning in most cases and I would end up leaving the house late. Then, I would have to run or walk fast all the way to school. My school was at most 3 miles from my house.  It was amazing to share my school life with Luther College students while helping others in the process.



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