You Say It's Your Birthday

October 3, 2012

October 1st was my 20th birthday. Although this was not the first birthday I've spent away from home, (I was on a gap year in Brazil over my 19th birthday) I was a little anxious that spending it away from my family would make it less special. Much to my delight, my "Luther family" put in a lot of effort to make it a great day!

Here are a few examples of the festivities:

  • On Sunday night, I arrived in my dorm room after studying to find my door completely decorated with freshly-baked brownies awaiting me inside. 
  • My mom had sent a lovely birthday card in the mail, and also arranged for the Luther Women's Club to drop off delicious cupcakes in my campus mail box.
  • I received a care-package full of cookies from my neighbors at home.
  • A group of friends and I went out for Chinese - I got mine for free!
  • I received a myriad of kind notes and small gifts from friends.
  • Dozens of kind Facebook messages and emails from friends (new and old) and family.

I was so surprised and grateful for the effort so many different people had put into making my birthday a special day, especially since my birthday is so early in the school year! Needless to say, these kind gestures left me with a lot of leftover food, but many of the girls on my floor have benefited from my birthday treats, as well!

Overall, it was a very nice birthday - even for it being on a Monday!

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