Read, Read, Read!

I was not much of an extensive reader in high school. I used to be assigned a textbook and never even think about reading it, much less opening it. Here at Luther, that has changed quite a bit. Reading is second nature for me now, and reading two or three chapters for that next class period is god-sent. Honestly so far the readings have not been as dry as I thought that they would be. Paideia readings such as Rake's Progress, The Narratives of Frederick Douglass, and Acts of Faith have all been engaging and interesting reads. I have found that actually doing the readings makes things like writing papers and engaging in in-class discussions that much easier and it also shows your professor you are paying some attention. Football is going very well right now on a personal level. Things have been getting easier and easier to pick up on and I have learned and improved a ton since getting here. The game and practices in itself have slowed down and I feel as though I am no longer running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I understand my role on the team now and that helps me as well. It is great to go out and help this program every week. I am proud to be a member of "Norse Nation" as we continue to strive to our overall goal of being "1-0 Every Day in Every Way!" Sail Norse!

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