Run Forest, Run

One of the best ways to relieve myself from stress from classes, friends, or life in general is to go for a run. I recently picked up this habit about a year and a half ago when I decided to increase my activity and really take control of my physical and mental health. It’s been a long journey, but such a valuable and memorable one as well.

In the past year I’ve ran several races ranging from 5ks, 10ks and half marathons, and the adrenaline from the having hundreds of people surrounding you all about to go run a race is a feeling like none other. But I almost get an identical feeling when I run in Decorah. Granted, I’ve only been running in this beautiful little town for a couple years now there’s always a gorgeous view to see, while running on the various trails spread throughout the area.  The neat thing about Luther is that there is a map consisting of the Luther trails (nearby the College) that shows you where you can run. I’ve had a lot of fun on some of those trails and I find new ones each time I go out for a run.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like I really needed to get my running back into gear. I had been running every day, but it was pretty low mileage compared to what I used to be running back when I was officially training for my half marathon. So on Saturday, I decided to push myself a little bit (without going too overboard) on my run. There is no better run when feeling the sun on your body, the wind in your face, as you cruise along to your favorite song that pumps you up to run as fast and as hard as you can.

I had made the perfect playlist, was going at a steady pace, and nothing could stop me now. The route that I had chosen included a little bit of paved roads, and dirt trails, which was a great mix of the two. The thing I like about running outside, versus on a treadmill is the constant change of scenery (especially in the Fall with all of the changing leaves)

As I finished my loop, I had realized that I had gone 5.13 miles, which was farther than I had gone since July. This was a huge step for me and really got me back into the swing of things as far as running longer distances and getting myself back into shape to run future half marathons and marathons.

It’s nice to know that my body can still handle running those distances, because sometimes it feels like if you stop running for even a day, you lose some progress that you had previously made.

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