Fall Frolicking

September 30, 2012

This past week has definitely brought out the fall beauty in the little community of Decorah. Every time I go outside there are richer oranges, reds, and golds to be seen. I know that everyone comments about the fall foliage, but being from Washington (the land of Evergreen trees, remember?), these changes are an even bigger treat for me.

    This week has been just as beautiful and easy-going as one of those golden leaves drifting to the ground. There was homework, to be sure though. My first Paideia 2 paper was due, and I am preparing for a slew of tests in the next two weeks, but for now it is not too overwhelming. As I related in my last post, I presented at the ICA Conference, a huge weight off my shoulders. I also turned in my application for the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS), another project off my plate. The LCWS program is a great opportunity. While living in DC, you intern four days a week and take a few classes on the other day. With an internship at an organization in their music marketing or PR department, I am looking forward to it!

    Other activities this week included cooking with friends at the Sustainability House, hiking around Seed Savers Exchange, golfing and enjoying the fall sunshine. There was even a sighting of a HUGE pumpkin in downtown Decorah, one that filled the bed of a truck. I do not know where it was going or where it came from, but it definitely made my day! The picture is the view from my window... I know, be jealous. Enjoy the fall weather, folks!

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