September 28, 2012

The sky is blue; the trees are colorful as they gear for winter. The grass is still green: it is a beautiful day at Luther College. I have never appreciated the weather this much. I simply go through my days without looking at my surroundings. I guess spending two consecutive winters at Luther College makes one appreciate nature because soon things will change from being colorful to white. Let me not say much about winter: it makes me shiver.

As I was going to the Union from the library I saw purple, reddish, green, yellow and many more colors. These are the trees leaves colors the that are all over campus. Seeing the leaves in different colors make me smile. There is this inner peace and joy they bring in my heart. It’s not like I have never seen tree leaves during the fall season. We do have winter back home, but it’s not as long as Iowa winter. It is about two months or so, nothing more. After that the trees regain their green leaves. I am falling in love with the fall season. It brings color in my life.

I know it’s going to freeze soon, but at this point in time I do not have time to worry about the cold. I shall continue appreciating the colorful campus.  

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