A weekend in Titletown USA (Green Bay, WI)

Family weekend here at Luther is nice way for our parents to come and check out how their "babies" are doing after the first couple of weeks in college. Instead of my parents coming to me though, I went to them for family weekend, making the quick five hour jaunt back to Green Bay. I left with my fellow Wisconsin-ite and freshman Cody Berger after class on Friday. We drove to his hometown of Mequon, where my parents were waiting for me! It was great to see the parents again and be back in town. It was incredibly nice to see some of my old friends, watch my old high school football team, and like every college students dream- to sleep in my own bed. Saturday I had a great day with the parents, we watched the Wisconsin Badgers game, went grocery shopping, went shopping, and picked pumpkins. Although my time back in Green Bay was short I definitely cherished the time I had with them and can never thank them enough for allowing the slob back into the house. I love being around them, but now, it's back to freedom and on being back on my own!

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