A Dark Week

September 23, 2012 

I am proud to say I survived my first week of exams.

My life at Luther has consistently been busy, but this past week has made everything else thus far look relatively easy in comparison: on Thursday and Friday I had either my first test or my first paper due in every single class. I had watched these dates creep closer and closer everyday in my planner. All too quickly, the dark mark looming over these two days was cast down upon me, swallowing me in a state of nervousness and feelings of “I ought to be studying”. Surprisingly, the most stressful part of the week was how anxious everyone else was about their exams and essays – seeing another person in a frenzy looking over their Anatomy notes made me feel like I wasn’t keeping up with everyone else, and that I should be in the same amount of panic and studying my own notes!

When I actually got down to studying, though, I realized I had already put in a lot of the effort needed for the exams and papers. I was so thankful for what I had already done over the past few weeks, as it made it much easier for me to fill out study guides using my notes, or to write an essay because I had already outlined what I wanted to say. I quickly realized that I can only be productive in about 90-minute intervals, and I tried to take productive study breaks by going for runs, attending Zumba classes, reading blogs, and meeting up with friends for meals before hitting the books again.

Somehow, I got through the week. I took the tests, handed in the paper, and was finished with my first really challenging week of college by 10:15 on Friday morning. The only thing left for me to do was to wait for my scores to come back. The dark cloud lifted, revealing the brightness of the weekend ahead – and a lazy weekend never looked better. Here’s to a less stressful week ahead!

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