September 16, 2012

Higher level Mathematics Statistics is another world. This semester I am taking Applied Linear Statistical Models. This is one of the most interesting and one of my favorite Mathematics classes. In this class we learn how to crank numbers and their meaning. We also learn how to use software, SAS and R, which are used in the real world by real statisticians. This class has opened a new world for me to explore.

To make sure that we are aware of different fields that statistics can take us, our Professor invited two senior ladies to share their summer experience. One lady got into Computational Biology and Biostatistics (CBB) program in UW-Madison. The other lady got into the Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS) program. Both the SIBS and CBB exposes students to real data and allows them to use the skills acquired in class to interpret the data collected. Hearing about such programs made me want to know more about the different field available for Stats majors. I did not think that I can do biostatistics with my Mathematics/Statistic major; another field has been added on top of the ones I already know. Now I feel like I am in a buffet table full of great food; the only thing I have to do is to choose the one that I love the most.

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