Two Hundred Voices Together in Song

September 16, 2012

“You know you go to Luther when you’ve been on campus for less than a week but you’ve already sung at church.”

Orientation week was extremely busy. In between finalizing my class schedule, making sure I had all the correct books, meeting new people, and attending orientation events, I auditioned for the first-year women’s choir, Aurora.

After the audition (which was more nerve-wracking than it was difficult), I was pleased to see my name amongst 90-some other women on the Aurora roster. Only a few days after being on campus, the choir set off to work.

At our first rehearsal, I was immediately astonished at how gifted the girls I stand next to are at singing – I was a little bit intimidated that first day! But it was more than the girls around me that are gifted; the overall talent of the group was evident by how quickly the choir was able to catch on to new pieces: we were sight reading a piece in multiple parts and were able to get a good understanding of the music rather quickly – which was important, because we only had one more rehearsal until we performed during worship!

During our second rehearsal, Aurora joined forces with Norsemen, the first-year men’s choir, to put our piece together. It was amazing to hear 200 voices joining together in song!

Norsemen and Aurora’s performance during our second weekend on campus reminded me of what a unique place Luther College is – I doubt many other campuses had first-year choirs performing so early in the year. In only two hours of rehearsal, the first-year choirs had become an active part of the Luther community and legacy.

Through choir, I know I have already become part of something big here at Luther. I, along with the rest of the freshmen class, am not just going through the motions of being a college student, but rather I am an active participant in making Luther the place that I was drawn to when applying to schools. Luther’s first-year students are already taking leadership roles and giving back to the community that has only very recently become home. And I think that’s a pretty great thing.

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