An Introduction

Hello, my name is Siphamandla Simelane. People call me Sip, SP, or Otono. I am from a small country located between South Africa and Mozambique in the southern part of African called The Kingdom of Eswatini or the Kingdom of Swaziland. I am a junior and a Mathematics and Statistics and Economics major with a Computer Science minor. I did my high school in Waterford Kamhlaba United World College (WK UWC) in Swaziland. I first heard about Luther College in WK UWC.

When in high school, my ideal college was one that offered actuarial science courses or financial Mathematics Classes, not too small but not too big, a great financial package and a great cross country program. I did my research, and Luther has it all. Last but not least, blue is my favorite color.

The past summer was my second summer that I spent at Luther College. I worked in the Library in the Archives department and then took three weeks off towards the end of summer break. Working in the Archives is always fun even though the basement is cold. I am always in the basement doing work. My job allows me to learn a lot of Luther College history while working; which is the best way of learning more about Luther.

Towards the end of the summer break I went to Kentucky for two weeks to visit friends and I had my first roller coaster ride. It was scary but fun. I can’t wait for the second ride.

Also, I spent a lot of time running around Decorah preparing for the cross country season. Little did I know that Decorah has a lot of wonderful running and biking trails. For the past two seasons I have been injured, so I did not run a lot. During the summer I was just enjoying myself in the trails. I would get lost in the trails and forget that I was lost but I would eventually find my way out. Sometimes I would meet with my teammates for evening runs. I then spent the last week before preseason in Colorado with team.     

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