Together at Luther Social Hour

September 9, 2012

The night after moving in, the first-years students attended an event called “Discover. Develop. Become: Together at Luther”. We all dressed up and were paired with dates. My roommate and I were matched up with the two boys living directly below us. After being introduced, we made our way to the dinner and were greeted by the president of Luther College and his wife. We were then left to mingle with our new classmates and Luther professors, and to enjoy tables of tasty food.

Truthfully, the event itself was pretty awkward; despite the fact that my roommate and I were paired with two incredibly nice boys, we quickly ran out of topics to discuss. In addition to this weird sense of forced conversation, all of us were still in the uncomfortable stage of knowing very few people, and ultimately not really having a clue as to what Luther is all about. The hour passed relatively quickly, though, and my roommate and I came out of the dinner with a few more familiar faces on campus.

However, not everyone had the same experience: a few girls on my floor ended the dinner with even better standings than my roommate and I. Having hit it off with their dates, these girls were going to meet up with the boys again, as well as some of their friends, and asked if I’d like to tag along.

Suddenly, a group of us were walking through Decorah, touring Dunning Springs, testing The Whippy Dip, and through all of this making easy conversation and getting to know one another. During this time, I found myself thinking, “I can do this. I can really enjoy college.” In a few short hours, I felt as though I had found a place at Luther where I could comfortably sit as I faced the uncertainties of college life ahead. Better yet, my chair was not isolated, but rather turned in to face a group of people who would help each other with whatever difficulty would arise, and have some great fun along the way. Simply being in that place and finding that chair made me realize that I was going to be okay at Luther. I had found a group of fun people who are going through the same thing as I am, and would be there to experience both the exciting and challenging parts of the first year of college along with me. This realization made everything seem much less intimidating, and instead much more manageable. It also made me excited, as I know I will continue meet more people like these throughout my next four years.

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