Family Weekend and Tennis

September 24, 2012

Hello All!

This past weekend was family weekend, but it was also the individual conference tournament for the Luther College Men’s Tennis Team…also known as…the busiest weekend of the semester (as of now).  The Conference Individual Tournament is a Singles and Doubles tournament with all of the teams in the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletics Conference.

On Friday, the tennis team started their morning by greeting the rain, which resulted in delaying the tournament for quite some time.  We began in the morning by squeeging(sp?) the courts to get all of the water off of the courts. At about 11 the sun came out and began to dry the courts and the tournament began...but not for long. After about an hour of play a patch of rain clouds came right over the courts and a downpour of rain started for about 5 minutes. That was all that needed to happen to delay play again. Everyone moved back inside during the downpour and after it ended a couple of the guys on the tennis team headed back to the courts to squeegee for the 2nd time that day. After about another hour, the courts were ready to resume play. Everyone headed back out so the matches could start up again…hopefully there would be no more rain.  But with our luck, it rained again and the courts were again too wet to play on, which resulted in another round of squeeging (sp?). We eventually were able to get the courts to dry, but then the issue of lighting came into play. It was getting so late that the matches had to be moved to the city courts in town near the high school because three of them had lights. Finally by around 9pm the last match was complete for the day and we were able to go home with hopes for no rain during the next day.

On Saturday, the tournament continued, but there was a forecast of rain for the day. Thankfully there was no rain, but the entire day was cold and cloudy which isn’t ideal tennis weather. After a long day of tennis, at about 6 pm the tournament came to a close. It was really fun to see all the other teams throughout the weekend and see some really good tennis. Luther had two individuals that performed really well this weekend. One of our players took 4th place in the singles tournament, and two of our players took 2nd place in the doubles tournament so we definitely had a good showing in the tournament.

On top of the tennis tournament on campus, there were tons of events on campus for the visiting family members for parents weekend. Some of those events included SAC Soda Shoppe (Ice Cream and Jazz Music in Marty’s), Choir Concerts, and Tours of Decorah and Luther.  My parents unfortunately didn’t visit this weekend, but they have before and they had a really good time.

Now starts the week of senior paper resource reading and trying to balance my homework and extra curricular activities. Hopefully I make it through the week!

Until next time,


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