ICA Conference

September 23, 2012

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Iowa Communication Association Conference in Ankeny. Last semester in my Research Methods class, my professor submitted my final research paper to an undergraduate student paper contest given by the ICA, and three other girls from my class and I were selected to be on a student panel to present our papers. This was a great honor for us, as we were the only student presenters at the conference.
    On Friday, most of us missing our classes, the four of us hopped in our Luther hybrid vehicle and sojourned almost four hours to Ankeny. Upon arrival, we waited around nervously for an hour, practicing our presentations under our breath. My research studied relationships between adult children and their parents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. With a diverse range of topics like relationship studies of Iraqi War veterans and an autoethnography, we brought a wealth of information to our panel. Though the attendance was small, the experience was great and we all represented Luther well.
    Later, there was an awards banquet held. Lucky for us, the conference was held at the Iowa Culinary Institute on the DMACC campus so the food was delicious! After chatting with other Luther folk, the awards banquet began. I was awarded Top Student Paper and was presented with a certificate at the banquet, along with the promise of the publication of my work in the 2013 Iowa Communication Journal. I was extremely humbled to be involved in this awards banquet, as professors from different colleges were being honored for the 30+ year careers. It was also my first experience seeing that many Communication Studies professionals in one setting. I do not wish to become a professor, but their drive and love for the field was a great inspiration.
    After a restful evening in the hotel, we attended a presentation given by three Luther professors from the Communication Studies department. It felt a little like being in class, but was definitely informational. Afterwards we headed back to Luther with only a short gas station lunch stop. Though it was a short trip, it was a beneficial and inspirational one to be sure.

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