It's that time of year again.

It’s that time of year again. The time when all Luther students begin having their first string of exams, papers and due dates. Already this past week I’ve had a paper, exam and a quiz. Next week I have two more exams to look forward to. It’s this time of year when things really begin to start rolling. This is when students begin to get a better gauge on how their studying tactics have been working thus far.

This past week I had my first exam for abnormal psychology. This was a very strange experience, because not only was this the first test of the year for me, but it was also my first test at Luther in over a year.

This fact led me to have a very confused outlook on this test. The deal is that back at Nottingham Uni each class had one test that accounted for the entire grade in that course. So when I approached my first test back at Luther, I was less stressed and yet more stressed at the same time. I was put at ease to a certain extent because I knew that this test would only be worth a piece of my overall grade. At the same time, however, I really couldn’t remember what these little tests were like. It had just been too long.

It’s always surprising me how all of the adjustments that I made to my life in Nottingham, England last year seem to be the same kinds of adjustments I’ve been making to my life back at Luther this fall. It isn’t like the things that I’m adjusting to are completely new, but they are different from what I got used to all last year.

Life is very busy at Luther right now. There’s so much studying, research and academic work to be done. It’s hard work to be a college student during this time, but it’s definitely worth it. I work hard, but I also have been learning about so many interesting things from professors who really care about their students’ education. I’m so proud to go to such a great institution.

Cheers ladies and gents J

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