City Council

This year I am on the Student Senate here at Luther and my position is to be the Liaison to the Decorah City Council. This means I attend all city council meetings and give them a “Luther update.” The council meetings are only twice a month and are pretty laid back. Obviously they are professional and all that democratic business but there aren’t too many big problems around Decorah so the meetings are not well attended. Every once and a while there is a topic that comes up that “stirs the pot.” A few weeks ago it was a decision to allow the Trail Festival, an event in celebration of the new trail opening, to be in the middle of downtown, meaning some of the street would have to be blocked off. The council was split in this decision and inevitably it failed. But that was not the end of it. The discussion continued until the end of the meeting when one of the members expressed her disappointment in the council. Not that this was an incredibly heated event but for Decorah it was a big deal. From what I hear these types of debates only happen once in a while so it will be a while until I have another experience like that.

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