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Hello All!

One of the things that I am involved with on campus is SAC (Student Activities Committee). I am the co-chair of the SAC Cinema Committee, which is responsible for showing movies to the students about once a month throughout the school year.  In previous years we had an agreement worked out with the local theater in town where students could go to the theater and see one of three movies playing in the theater. It was a really fun time to get a group of your friends together and get off campus for a while to see a movie…not to mention the movie theater concessions.

When I got back to campus after summer vacation, our representative from the theater brought forth some ideas that the company would like to try with Luther College for this upcoming school year. Unfortunately, SAC and the theater could not come to an agreement so we decided to discontinue our partnership with them for this school year.

So now the question is what is the SAC Cinema committee going to do in order to provide events for the students on campus? After hours of brainstorming and gathering feedback from my peers and adviser, my co-chair and I decided that were going to make our own movie theater here on campus. We are going to call it “Norse Theaters” (and we’re even getting our own logo made) and were able to find a company that allows us to show movies that aren’t in theaters, but not on DVD yet (so fairly new movies). We are planning to show these movies in the biggest lecture hall we have on campus and still provide the movie theater concessions that everyone loves.

To be honest, I am really nervous to see what the attendance will be like. For the first-years, they won’t know any better because they had never experienced a movie night in the past. However, for the upperclassmen I am worried that they aren’t going to be pleased with the changes and won’t want to attend our event.

Our first movie night on campus this year will be on October 4th and we will be showing Disney’s Brave. I sure hope we get a good attendance; otherwise I will have to eat a ton of the leftover popcorn (which I guess isn’t a bad thing…right?)

Well that sums up what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks because this change happened right when school started, which contributed to part of the business that my life currently is.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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