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September 16th, 2012

Junior year seems to be, more and more, a year to try new things. With classes like Media and Production and golf, along with my new KWLC experience, I have tried more new things in the last month than I did all of last year. This weekend, my roommate and I went golfing. I am taking a golf class because Luther curriculum dictates two skills courses in physical education. Anything from pilates to team sports to badminton are available for 1 credit and keep you active.

For the class, I have to golf two 9-hole rounds at any of the local golf courses, and turn in the scorecards to my professor, eh, coach.  Neither my roommate nor I are experienced golfers by any means. All we know is that the ball should travel in the general direction of the hole in a certain amount of strokes. When we arrived at the golf course, we headed out to the first hole with our rented golf clubs and set up the tee. While our strokes were all over the place, there was no reason to yell, “Fore!” because the ball was not going very far. Despite our abilities, it was a fun time and a beautiful afternoon. My best was 5 on a Par 3, not too bad, but I am not joining the golf team any time soon. Once we work our way through the different clubs in our class, we learn the rules of the game and even have a session on course management. I think I will have to golf in the future, since I will at least know what to do, even if I still can’t execute it very well!

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