Exploring the edible gardens!

Last Saturday I was introduced to the free, delicious food source that is Luther’s edible gardens. My R.A. had organized a trip/tour of the edible gardens for a beautiful afternoon. We met up and walked over from college apartments to the edible garden outside of Valders where our tour guide was waiting.

Over the hour-long tour we were shown all of the various vegetables in Luther’s two edible gardens and were encouraged to pick, snack and bag as many yummy veggies as we like. Our tour guide also told us all about all of the different vegetables that we were seeing and even had advice on what they would be good with. We had the opportunity to try all kinds of vegetables and a lot of them were vegetables that I had never tried before including some edible flowers! It was such a fun time!

The crazy thing is that I had known about the edible gardens, but I had never realized that Luther students are encouraged to take from them whenever they want. I brought back spinach, tomatoes, peppers, basil and an array of other interesting vegetables. All these vegetables were things that I would have spent money on at the grocery store anyway! I didn’t spend any money though. I just grabbed a bag and went and picked them on Luther’s campus.

It’s such a great thing that Luther has to offer! I know that from now on I can bring a bag on campus and get fresh tomatoes, spinach and etc. for free! With all of the costs associated with being a college student, it’s so nice to have this option for delicious, healthy, free vegetables. It feels like I’m always discovering things like this that Luther has to offer!

One of the best parts about these vegetables is that my roommate and I then decided to use these vegetables to make a stir fry a few nights ago. We cut up all kinds of peppers, tomatoes and etc. Then we threw them all on the stove and added some spices. It turned out being such a delicious meal! The vegetables added such a unique taste to our stirfry. It was spicy, yet tangy. It just couldn’t have been better! Plus, we knew that what we were eating was healthy and that just made us feel so good about it!

The edible gardens are such an awesome thing on Luther’s campus that is free for any students to use! I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to learn all about them last weekend!

Cheers ladies and gents J

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