Good to be back!

Man is it good to be back! I cannot believe that school has already started. This summer was the best summer I have ever had. I worked in Okoboji, Iowa as a camp counselor at Camp Foster YMCA. This was my first summer as a counselor but not at Camp Foster, I was a camper there for six years. It was so interesting to see camp from the other side of things. I made so many new friends and learned so much about others and most importantly, myself. I feel that a lot of personal growth took place this summer, which is just another benefit of working where I did.

Only a week after camp was over I was back in Decorah, working on First-Year Orientation. My goodness was that a crazy week. I was an Orientation Coordinator, meaning two other students and I were in charge of nearly every detail involved with orientation. The week of orientation went wonderfully. The 680 new students were energetic and involved in all activities.

But now classes are here and it’s time to get to business. Thank goodness! By the end of orientation I could not wait for classes to start. There is something about the pressure of school work that I was craving. Now that classes are in full swing I miss summer just a little but I nonetheless I am glad to be back at Luther studying hard, or kind of hard.

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