Welcome back to Luther College!

Greetings from Luther College! My name is Mario Martinucci and I am currently a Senior, Business Management major, at Luther College. I have been blogging for Luther since my freshman year and am excited to be blogging again throughout my senior year. To begin, I grew up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, which is a suburb of the Twin Cities (Near St. Paul and Minneapolis). Some of my interests include: running, tennis, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. On campus I am involved with various organizations such as the Student Activities Council, Alpha Phi Omega (Service Fraternity), PALS (similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters), and the Men’s Tennis Team. I spent my spring semester studying in Washington D.C. where I interned at C-SPAN, in their Education Relations dept, and I spent my summer in Dodge City, Kansas (Southwestern Corner of Kansas) interning for Cargill in their human resources office at a beef processing facility. These past 9 months have taught me so many things and I could not have gotten any better experiences than I have had. Therefore, I haven’t really been on Luther’s Campus or in Decorah since last December, which is quite a long time. I got back to Decorah about a week before school started so I could get things settled in the house that I am living in this year (As a senior, you are able to apply to live off campus for your final year, otherwise you have the option to live on campus as well). Let me tell you it sure is nice having my own room to myself…I say this because Luther is a residential campus I have had roommates since I was a freshman in college. I didn’t know what it was really like to have actual alone time until this year and I sure do like it. Classes started last Wednesday and it is really hard to get into the swing of things. I haven’t taken a course at Luther since December (like I said earlier) so it’s a bit difficult to go from an environment where I worked all day, and now have to go back to the routine of going to class and finding time to balance all of my homework, meetings and practice schedules. So far I enjoy all of my classes and am really looking forward to seeing what topics we discuss in them as the semester goes on. I am also writing my senior paper this fall, which will be challenging, but I am glad that I am going to get it done in the fall, rather than the spring. As I said earlier, I spent my summer interning for Cargill- a HUGE company that does a lot of work with food production and other various things (I think one of the largest privately owned companies in the world) and they offered me a full-time job after graduation. I accepted that offer on Wednesday (the first day of classes) so I went into my senior year having something for after graduation, which was such a sigh of relief. I can’t explain how much weight was lifted off of my shoulders after getting that offer. So far senior year is starting out smoothly and I hope it continues that way throughout the semester. I look forward to updating the readers about what’s going on in my life and on campus as the weeks fly by. Until next time, Mario

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