Dear Luther


Dear Luther,

How I have missed your glistening landscape and your limestone bluffs.

How I have missed your church bells that ring at dawn.

How I have dreamt of hearing your sweet voices soaring through the air.

How I have longed to embrace your smiling children in a warm embrace once again.


       THIS is what I’ve been fantasizing about coming back to all summer. You know, it’s funny. Usually I never want summer to end. It’s fun to bask in free time, friends, family and vacation. And don’t get me wrong – I had my fair share of all of those things. But none of them quite amounted to my excitement to get back at this magical place. By day, I babysat for three families and by night, I brainstormed fun activities for every weekend here!: bike races, girls’ nights out, movie nights, roller blading, bowling, apple picking, etc. I missed my Luther buds so much that day dreaming about what we’d do together when we got back was the only thing that kept me sane.

       Finally, August 27th came. I hopped on the airplane, 110 percent ready to return. A 2 ½ hour plane ride, a 3 hour wait, and a 6 hour shuttle drive later, I awoke to the Decorah Walmart lights blaring on my sleepy eyes. I have never been so happy to see a Walmart in my life (and I don’t even LIKE Walmart)! I called my friends to let them know I was on my way. When we pulled up to The Union, I spotted my ‘welcome wagon’ waiting eagerly for me. I thought I might just about pee my pants with excitement. FOUR months without my favorite people and now here they were right in front of me! “Are you real?” I said, touching their faces in disbelief. It was exhilarating – like the breath of fresh air I had been longing for all summer. I had so much life again! It is really magic what this place does to people. Being accustomed to the stone-faced passerbys in the NY area, it is so refreshing to be greeted by everyone you pass, have the door held for you, and so gosh dang encouraging to feel like you know everyone on campus. I also realize how much I’ve missed singing in these world class (YES, world class) choirs, and how lucky we are to have such devoted directors. And man, have I missed this campus, and the Midwest in general: wide, open spaces (I feel free again!), rolling green hills, fresh air, stars, rivers…I’m in heaven. And to answer your question, I’m not exaggerating. It’s mighty good to be back.

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