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September 2, 2012

Hello, Junior Year! Hello, again, blogging community! Every year at Luther it gets that much easier to get into the swing of things and the last few days have been a breeze. I arrived late Monday night, 125 pounds of luggage and a cello in tow. Upon arrival, I smiled as the shuttle drove past the CFL and Bentdahl Commons, with the library and Jenson in the background. I had multiple hugs, even a screaming-and-running-toward-me one, and immediately felt elation at being back in the Luther community. After moving in, I reunited with friends, prepared for auditions and tried to get used to introducing myself as a junior. That is going to be weird for awhile!

    I have always had those first day of class jitters, wondering what my classes will be like, if the professor will be engaging, will I be overwhelmed, etc. I am sure any student knows what these anxious butterflies feel like. Surprisingly, this year I woke up simply excited to begin another year of my education, somehow feeling only a sense of “Let’s do this!” rather than “I hope this works out.” After getting introduced to all my classes, I think this optimism will stay.

    This semester I am taking Concepts of Media Production, a required Communication Studies course. We will be working with the editing program Final Cut to make a 5-8 minute documentary as our final. Though I am usually not too keen on group projects, my class seems very interested and engaged. When everybody enjoys what they’re doing, work never seems that hard. My roommate and I are both taking Ancient Science, a brand new course in the Classics department. Covering science and technologies from B.C. 700 to A.D. 500, it should prove worthy as my non-lab science requirement. I believe my professor mentioned having class under the stars sometime, too... Classical Music history is one of my electives toward my minor. Though the format is all lecture-based, studying Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven should be a good outlet for my inner music nerd. My Paideia 2 class’ topic is Ethics and Technology, and from what I can tell will be an offshoot of my last J-Term class. With extensive reading and writing, as the Paideia program calls for, my class will discuss issues and dilemmas affected by the latest advancements in technology and science. With my fun golf class to top it off, I think this will be my favorite semester to date.

    Besides my classes, I have auditioned for KWLC, Luther’s radio station. I am excited for this opportunity, as it will hopefully be my first time as a live radio DJ. I am starting to expand my Communication Studies horizon, and I love it! Hopefully more blogs to come on this new activity. My only disappointment so far has been music auditions, which placed me in Philharmonia this year instead of Symphony Orchestra. I can’t say I am not bummed, but trying new things (and being able to do more things with my time), is helping me remember what I have to gain, rather than what I have lost. Overall, one could say I fell back into routine, but really, I am falling into what is sure to be another life-changing year at Luther.

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