Murder Mystery Party

Around 7:30pm yesterday things were starting to look pretty interesting in the Nottingham flat. Girls were walking around in updos and skirts, men in suits and bowties, delicious food was being set out on a decorated tableset, 1940’s music was being played in the main living space. We were getting ready for our murder mystery party. We have wanted to have a murder mystery party since the beginning of the year, but for some reason it just never ended up happening. Then, this semester Michelle got assigned to write a short detective fiction story for her detective fiction module at Uni. She decided that what she wanted to do was create a character for each of us and then have us use the story as our basis for our own murder mystery party! We finally decided that yesterday it was going to happen and Michelle put a slip of paper in everyone’s box telling them important things about their character and what they must do at the party. As soon as we got them everyone started planning out their outfits. We were all just so excited! The next day we bought sparking juice and assorted chocolates. Sarah and Michelle, the butler and maid, set out small, bitesize pieces of pizza. (Our gourmet meal. Haha.) Elise did a bunch of the girl’s hair in 40’s fashion. Around 8pm the guests began to filter in. There was Miss Abigail, (Julia) who the party was for in honour of her decision to leave for France to join the war effort. There was Beatrice (Becca), her younger sister. There was the maid, Reema (Michelle), and her cousin from India, Rohan (Natalino). There was the 57-year-old butler, Edgar (Sarah), who was very eager to retire. There was Abigail’s American suitor, Duke Monroe (Elliott), a wealthy and flirtacious man. There was Abigail’s pretentious suitor, Mr. Beeston (Noah). There was Felicia (Chelsey) who was attending the party in order to obtain information on a lover lost in the war. There was Lily (Elise), Abigail’s best friend. The bunch all mingled over tastey snacks. Then around 8:40pm there was a blood-curdling scream. The maid appeared to tell everyone that there had been a murder. Everyone called the Scotland Yard immediately and within a few minutes two detectives arrived on the scene, Miss Laura Jacks (Kennedy) and Miss Emma Trent (me). We started by telling the party that they were all on house arrest until we could get to the bottom of this. Then we ran downstairs to the scene of the crime where we found Rohan in the library with a bloody letter and a bloody handkerchief. We took photos of the scene of the crime, took notes and removed evidence from the scene. Then we rushed back upstairs to start our interviews with the various party attendees. We interviewed everyone individually while the rest of the party carried on with dancing, eating and general happy festivities. (A little strange in light of the current situation. Haha) Then we held a little discussion where we tried to decide who we thought committed the murder. We decided on three primary suspects and then went back and had them each give a speech in which they gave their alibi. We had decided that it was either Edgar, the grumpy old butler, Abigail, or her sister, Beatrice. Ended up that it had been Beatrice, because she had heard that Rohan was attempting to steal her family’s fortune. We had such a great night. It was such a fun idea and I’m so glad that we finally went through with it. Murder mystery parties are so much fun and this one was even better because the story was made specifically for us! Cheers ladies and gents ☺

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