Research Symposium

Something unique about Luther that I was not aware of until the past month or two is the Student Research Symposium. This is an event that Luther is extremely proud of. Last Friday was completely dedicated to a day full of student presentations about the research that has happened this past school year. Something super cool is no classes meet that day. In the morning the top two presentations are given. The first presentation was about how a religion class raised four thousand dollars to donate to a grassroots organization in Sub-Saharan Africa for the education of girls. This may not sound like much of a research project but the class turned it into one, by looking at what religious aspects create the stigma that women are the lesser gender and researching the best organization to donate to. The second presentation was given by a physics student and I can honestly say I understood about every other word. Whatever his research was it was far past the scope of my intelligence. The rest of the day consisted of presentation throughout campus and a section of the day where students presented their research on posters. This poster session allowed for the listeners to talk directly to the researcher(s) and ask them questions about the project. Overall it was a very enlightening day and it inspired me to do research while at Luther so I can present my findings to interested students, staff and faculty.

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