If you’re going to study Italian why not go to Italy to do so? One of the best parts about this year was the fact that I could do just that. After almost a year of Italian at the University of Nottingham I was able to go to Italy for almost two weeks! The trip was a dream come true! Italy was such a cool country to visit! There’s just so much history, beauty and excitement! Over the time we were in Italy we went to Rome, Naples, Pompeii, the top of Vesuvio, Ercolano, Florence, Pisa and Venice! It was incredible! In Rome we got to see the Colosseum, Roman ruins and Forum, visit the Vatican and Vatican Museum, Spanish steps, eat delicious food and hang out in various piazzas all over Rome. It was a great 4 days! From our hostel in Naples we took a day trip out to Pompei, Ercolano and Vesuvio in one day! I had always dreamt of seeing Pompei since I was young and did various school projects on it. Pompei and Ercolano are both cities from 79 AD that were destroyed and buried in an eruption of the volcano, Vesuvio. It’s just so interesting. It’s all very tragic, but the fact that everything is so well preserved is just so cool! When you’re walking through you really feel like you’re walking through the streets of a city from 79 AD. Everything is so well preserved!  In Naples we were also able to have the best pizza margherita of the trip! Naples is the birthplace of pizza margherita so you can only imagine! It had actual lumps of real mozzarella on it! It was so delicious! In Florence we were able to take a day trip out to Pisa, meet up with Becca and Elise who had a HelpX near Florence and check out various museums in the area. We even got to see Michaelangelo’s “David.” It was so cool! In Venice we enjoyed traveling by waterbus down the grand canal, explored the tiny streets of the city and went out to Murano where we learned about Murano glass. It was such a fun city to end our trip in! Not to mention our time in Venice gave me sandal tans and we all left with cute freckled faces. In Italy I really got the chance to work on my Italian. I’m not fluent or anything, but I feel like listening, attempting to understand and being constantly reminded to attempt to say things in Italian really helped me out. It really is a beautiful language too. I’m proud to be learning how to speak it. Hopefully in the next few weeks my time in Italy will really show through on my various Italian exams. Crossing my fingers. Cheers ladies and gents ☺

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