My dad's visit

It had been almost 7 months since I had flown from MSP leaving my family and friends back in the states. The day that my dad was due to fly in I woke up really early and took the tube out to Heathrow Airport excited and spun tight with anticipation. I still remember how excited I was as he walked down the walkway. It had been so long! Showing him my university in Nottingham and the other places that I frequent was very exciting. I realized what pride I have for my school and my city after living here for about 7 months. From there we flew off to Aberdeen, Scotland. We were able to spend one day exploring Aberdeen. We walked all over it. It was so much fun! The day we left Aberdeen we drove out by the coast where we had the most breathtaking view! It was so amazing! The view was also next to a golf course and I remember being so impressed by the fact that dispite how cold and windy it was that there were so many people out their golfing! Crazy Scots! Haha From there we drove to Alford and had lunch in a cute little restaurant there. Then we went out to visit Forbes Castle. We were greeted by Master Malcolm Forbes and given a full tour of the estate. You could tell that he was very proud of his ancestry. He had so much to tell about the various portraits on the walls and how his family had done so many impressive things. He was very nice and it was all very interesting. His family was all there for Easter and so there were little kids running around all over the place. He just seemed like a man who was very content with his life. The land surrounding Forbes Castle was very beautiful as well. I can’t imagine living in such a beautiful estate. From there we went to Craigievar Castle, another one of the various Forbes castles. This one was actually a Scottish National Trust Site and so I was able to get in free with my National Trust card! I’m so glad that it was a National Trust Site, because they always do such a thorough job of telling you all about the place in their tours. They told us so much interesting information about the family. It was also interesting that I noticed when looking at the portraits that my dad and I actually kind of looked like the various members of the Forbes’ clan. We have their nose and even my hair seemed to be a similar color to their hair. It was so strange. I will never forget as we were walking around and we told one of the other visitors that our last name was Forbes, he said, “Welcome home.” Cheesy maybe, but I really liked that. I liked the idea of tracing our ancestors back to the beautiful part of Scotland. I’m proud to be a Forbes. From there we drove through the highlands to get to Perth. It was so beautiful! While we were up there it started snowing too! It was an adventure for sure! Haha Then we spent one night in Perth and one in Edinburgh before heading back to London. In London I was able to show dad the sights including going to a church service at Westminster Abbey, which was really cool! I also took him to see the Tower Bridge, London Tower, Westminster Palace, St. James’ Park, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. Then our last night we went to Queen’s Theatre to see ‘Les Miserables!’ I had wanted to see it since finishing the book in high school, so I was so excited! Not only did I get to see it, but I saw it at the Queen’s Theatre in London! It was such a beautiful performance and so moving! I had such a great time! At the end of the performance the actor who played Jean Valjean came out with a bottle of champagne and announced that they were celebrating their recent award acceptance with the audience. Ushers came down the aisle with champagne bottles and everyone filled up their plastic cup and cheered. Haha I had never seen anything like it before! It was an exciting evening though! I will never forget seeing ‘Les Miserables’ at Queen’s Theatre in London! The next morning I left at 4am in order to catch my bus for the airport. I said a quick goodbye to my dad. It was sad that our trip was already done, but I know that we both had a lot of fun! Cheers ladies and gents ☺

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