The Rents Rent a Cabin

This weekend I got to see my family for the first time since Christmas break! To my pleasant surprise, they decided to come visit me for the weekend of the Aurora Norsemen concert, and they rented a cabin just four miles from campus. I could hardly stay in my seat when I saw them strolling alongside the windows of my classroom waiting for the professor to release us. I couldn’t focus on class any longer. I HAD to get out of there and hug them! Now typically I can handle being away from my parents for long periods of time – after living abroad in Madrid for a year. But even abroad, my parents visited me a few times, and this was the longest I had been away from them, so it was more refreshing than ever to see them again! We caught up on life and headed to the cabin, which was situated four miles down Locust Road in the middle of a green pasture sprinkled with wild flowers. Cows came over to greet us as we pulled up, curious about the next guests who were staying. Their precious faces gazed at us longingly, as if looking to us for love and attention. It was a beautiful spot to get away to for a weekend. Even though it was an ugly weekend, we had the luxury of relaxing in this cozy cabin for two days, telling stories, jamming to music and eating delicious meals together. On Saturday night, my mom cooked a delicious meal for several of my friends, and when they left my parents assured me that they fully approved of my buddies! On Sunday, though it was cold and cloudy, I took my parents on a walk through campus, alongside the river, into some of the ice caves, up to the Palisades and over to Dunnings Springs. I finally convinced my parents that the Midwest is really is the gorgeous place I had boasting to them about over the phone. When it was time to go, my mom got teary-eyed as usual, but at least this time she knew it would only be three weeks until we would see each other next. Now begins the hectic weeks of final papers and exams! Wish me luck!

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