An update of the past couple of weeks

Where has the time gone? These last few weeks in D.C. have all been a blur. I have spent majority of my time working, going on field trips, visiting museums, and getting to know more about D.C. as each day passes. Let me update you on my summer plans: A couple of weeks ago I got offered a Summer Human Resources Internship with Cargill (one of the largest privately owned companies in the world). I gladly accepted and now will be moving to Dodge City, Kansas, for my summer near the end of May. I am really looking forward to this opportunity and can’t wait to learn more about this part of the business sector. I will be working in a beef processing plant, so the cattle will come in, and processed meat will come out. It will definitely be an experience that I will most likely never forget. Ultimately this changes my plans for staying in D.C. this summer but I think that the Cargill opportunity will be a good fit, and it is in HR (what I really am interested in) so I think I made the right decision. As far as field trips that we have gone on in the past couple of weeks the list includes: The Newseum, a museum that has all things news whether it be newspaper articles dating back to the 18th century, memorials for 9/11, and part of the Berlin Wall. This museum was definitely a neat experience and there is so much to see. I was fortunate to visit the Newseum twice while I was in D.C. and I still don’t think that I saw everything. This past week we got the opportunity to hear Tucker Carlson (a news anchor for Fox) share about his experience in the journalism world. He was definitely a character and knew how to keep our attention. This last week, all of the LCWS students have a reception at a place called Whitlow’s in Virginia. It is crazy to think that this is our last week here. This semester has flown by. As I finish up my last week, I will be spending majority of my time preparing the last assignments for my classes, cleaning my apartment, cooking all of the food I have left in my kitchen, and packing. I definitely realized that I brought way too many things out here that I didn’t even use. It should be interesting to pack it all up in boxes and find the nearest post office to ship it home. I fly out on Sunday so I have a little bit of time to get everything ready. Leaving D.C. is very bittersweet. I definitely think I learned a lot from this experience and value it very much; however, I miss my friends from Luther, family and the little perks about not sharing a bedroom or bathroom with someone else. It will be nice to see everyone at home and visit Luther at least once before their semester ends. The nice thing about the D.C. semester is that you get done with classes about 3 weeks earlier than everyone else so you get a chance to have almost an extra month of summer vacation. I know this is a brief update and I’ve pretty much failed at the month of April to blog, but I plan on updating you about my ENTIRE semester once I get home and have settled down.

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