This weekend, our Freya (yes, the Norse goddess of love and war) Ultimate Frisbee Team drove down to Conference Regionals in Grinnell, IA, just three miles south of here. I drove the entire way, and though my leg way sore by the end, it was a fun trip. It’s nice to be able to bond with a different group on the way to every tournament – we grow closer as a team every time! We stayed at one of our captain’s houses out in the countryside of Marshalltown, 40 minutes from Grinnell. Her mom had fresh brownies baked for us (yum!) and delicious muffins awaiting us the next morning. When we arrived at Grinnell that morning, I watched the fields in awe of this high level of play I had not spotted before at past tournaments. I could feel butterflies in my stomach – and a pressure to win setting in. This tournament wasn’t just ‘for funsies’ – every team had come here to fight and do whatever it took to conquer the other teams. Our team would have to step up our game. I knew we all had the potential perform well – it was just a matter of finding our focus and our poise and maintaining the intensity throughout every game. We came out strong against Carlton C team and quickly worked our way through every point and finished the game 12-3. Our next games against Macallister and Carlton B team were a bit more challenging but we won fairly comfortably. When our fourth game came along, we were all fairly exhausted yet at the same time longed to beat Drake University – for if we won it, we would be able to play for first or second place! We came out strong, but our exhaustion showed as we handed them a few points out of lack of energy on defense. They were tired too, and we were falling to their level. So we picked up the speed and scored three points on them in a row. Nothing could stop our momentum now, or so we thought. I called a time out on the end zone to give us some time to relax and win us an easy point in. However as it turned out, the rules for this tournament stated that no time outs could be called during soft cap – which, as it was confirmed, had just been turned on during that point. The disc automatically went to their team. They hucked it down the field and scored on us. No more chance at 1st or 2nd place. Now the best we could get was fifth place. We could not have been more disappointed. But we woke up the next morning ready to tear up the field and beat St. Ben’s, a very talented but unfortunately for them, under-manned team. They put up a valiant fight against us – an impressive defense and a strong handler movement on our zone, but our fresh legs were too much for them to gain enough points on us. We won the game 12-6, celebrated by singing ‘Kumbaya’ and an ‘L-U’ cheer, and piled back into the cars. I have never seen Freya perform with such poise and confidence until this tournament. We really improved our game this weekend and we are finally starting to look like a threat to the rest of the ultimate world! This may be the end of our season, but I can’t wait to see how far we get next year!

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