30-Hour Famine

Hello, readers! I was just calculating it and I haven’t been at Luther for more than two weeks in a row since the beginning of March! Because spring break and Easter break were so close, Luther had two four day weeks of school. Then, this past weekend, I went on another Outreach Outing. This was a longer, more intensely planned event centering around the 30-Hour Famine. This event calls for youth to fast for 30 hours, bringing awareness to the millions who are chronically hungry in this world.

    After driving to Chanhassen and staying at our host home, Friday morning we awoke to eat our last meal for awhile and head to the church. Name games were played, devotions were shared and many games were played. The youth at the church were energetic and inquisitive, often forgetting about their hunger. Later that afternoon, we headed to a neighboring church to help Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), an organization based in Minneapolis. FMSC is present in more than 70 developing countries, providing 133 million meals to the hungry in the past year. About 100 youth were present and we helped pack food to be sent to Haiti. In two hours time, we packed enough food for 256 children to eat for an entire year. During this event, everyone was hungry, but it was humbling to think that the people receiving the food don’t know where their next meal is coming from, much unlike us. This was a very good learning experience, as we saw pictures of severely undernourished children, who rebounded because of these meals. The most satisfying thing I learned, though, was that children were able to get an education because of these meals. Many undernourished children aren’t strong enough to attend school, and must spend their entire day completing their basic needs rather than getting an education. FMSC is a powerful organization and it was a special experience in which I was just one small part.

    The next morning we attended church and broke fast with communion. Let me tell you, communion has never tasted so good. After this weekend, it seems appalling to me that I can get food with a swipe of my ID card on campus. Having food and an education are blessings to me now more than they ever were, and I have this Outreach experience to thank for that.

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