Easter Break in Door County

Let me begin by saying how spectacular it is to be among new scenery! As an east coast girl (NJ), spring in the Midwest continues to strike me with its beauty. It has become so unbelievably green here that I can sometimes convince myself that I’m somewhere in Scotland or England. No one warned me about how glistening and pristine the landscapes become in the spring – and perhaps they’re a run-of-the mill view to most people from around here – but to me, they’re especially gorgeous, and I couldn’t feel luckier to be here! So here’s what I did this Easter: Thursday afternoon, I took off with my friend Andrea for Sturgeon Bay, WI – an adorable little town right on the water – known as a boat-repairing harbor, with fishing, trails, and an all-around scenic vacation spot. The bay was all I had expected and more – aquamarine water (almost like the Mediterranean), old bridges, people fishing, big impressive looking boats – I forgot how much I had missed being around big bodies of water (something Decorah lacks, I suppose). Throughout the long weekend, we slept in, went for long runs on winding roads along the bay surrounded by canopy trees, attended several church services, played with baby chicks, baked cakes, I got to meet her old high school friends, whom I found quite entertaining – it was a typically-Door county experience. I ate it right up, and it flew by far before I was ready to leave. Her mom and dad seemed sad to be waving us off…it would be another month until they saw their wonderful daughter again! We jammed to our favorite tunes on the way home, and jumped into our friends’ arms when we finally arrived at Luther. (This is no exaggeration- we really are this close to our friends here. Luther has become home.) The friends you make at Luther are the ones you’ll hold onto forever. Happy Easter Everyone!

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