Hey ya’ll!!! It’s been a while! The reason I did not blog over spring break was because I was in Birmingham, Alabama on Luther’s Habitat for Humanity trip. Every year Luther takes a group of students somewhere to volunteer for Habitat. The past years they have gone down to New Orleans but this year they decided to mix it up and go to Birmingham. Birmingham’s Habitat chapter is huge! It is the fifth largest in the county. While in Birmingham we not only worked on building houses for individuals who could not normally afford to live in a house. But, we also got an opportunity to see the beautiful city and go to the Civil Rights Institute. Being able to learn about the Civil Rights movement in an influential city was an amazing experience. Most of the trip was spent working on houses at the sites, outside of the city. We worked on a street that was made completely up of Habitat houses, at least fifteen on each side of the road. It was cool to see how many people this one chapter is affecting. While on site, one of the days we worked alongside the future owner of the house. She was so grateful for all the work we were doing in order to help Habitat for Humanity get these houses completed. This trip was an amazing experience and I will definitely try to go on another trip like this in the future.

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