Damn Yankees

This weekend I had the privilege to see a production of Damn Yankees, a lively play set mid-century. As part of the Center Stage Series, students can see this production for free (with payment of their student activities fee). Many of my friends and I attended and we were not disappointed!

    The play begins with the song “Six Months Out of Every Year,” sung by disgruntled housewives who have inattentive husbands during the baseball season. In support of the Washington Senators, the main character, middle-aged Joe Boyd, wishes to be a pro ball player. When Mr. Applegate arrives on his doorstep (the Devil in disguise) he turns Joe into Joe Hardy, 22-year-old home run-hitting sensation for the Senators. Throughout his journey, Joe comes to realize that he appreciates his real life much better.

    The actor playing Joe’s alter-ego belted every number in a gorgeous tenor, while his counterpart played the soprano housewife with energy. The wife’s prissy friends were also some of my favorite characters, showing an equal amount of sass and air-head. The tap dancing baseball players gained much applause, as did all the dance numbers.

    I appreciate more and more the opportunities Luther brings to campus for its students. Without these activities brought to campus, I would definitely feel like I was living out in the middle of nowhere. For one evening, though, I was drawn in to the world of the Damn Yankees.

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