Spring Break on Tybee Island, GA

I am celebrating my first spring break of college! Now that is the most fun I’ve had all year. The trip kicked off with a 22-hour car ride, which we impressively executed without stopping – yes, driving through the night, in shifts. It was quite possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but we pulled it off! The drive was green and the sunsets and sunrises almost provoked tears, they were so beautiful! I was happy to have been thrown in a car of girls I wasn’t all that close with, because the trip brought us so much closer together. We grew more comfortable with one another in such close proximity, falling asleep on one another, sharing long stories about ourselves to pass the time, jamming to music. It feels so good to get to know a person better, especially a team mate, with whom chemistry is very crucial, both on the field and off. After what seemed to be days of driving, we stretched out legs, set up camp near the fields, and ran a practice. The fields were luscious and perfectly even and the weather was wonderfully warm as the sun went down. After dinner together, we got in our sleeping bags and I hoped that tomorrow would be full of wins. Needless to say, the next day we did not win our first game, nor our second (keep in mind they were the top two teams in our seed), but we destroyed the second two games. Finally I was starting to see all our practice paying off. Chemistry was glowing in every point – we were really getting to know each other well (our playing style on the field, I mean). The next morning we battled the hot summer sun, yesterday’s sunburn and muscle pain from stop and go sprinting, and fought hard against Princeton University – but they broke us with their smarts and we lost the game. After a long second day of three more games, two of which we won with flying colors, we packed our tents and hopped in the car – Tybee Island bound. We left, satisfied with our 14 out 23 placement in the tournament – a great accomplishment for such a young, new team. The sun was setting as we arrived, and I ran up the spiral staircase of our beach house to finish watching it set on the open-air roof. Was I in heaven? When had a left the height of my finals stress and landed myself in this beautiful place, looking out on a white, sandy beach? We spent the days ‘funnin and sunnin’ – it was such a spectacular and necessary break from all the work we’ve been getting hit with. I am overjoyed to be writing this blog right now, as it allows me to almost re-live the entire trip again. Now here I am, sitting at a desk in the library, hassling myself over the nit-picky reparations I must make to my research paper and hoping that the week speeds by so that Easter Break will arrive! Read next time to hear about my Easter Break in Sturgeon Bay, WI!

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