Flat trip to Wales!

This past weekend our flat took another trip with our bus driver, Bob. This time our destination was Wales. We left the flat at 7:30am, so most of us slept on the bus ride. Our first stop was in Llanberis, where we began our incline up Snowdon. It took us quite a while to climb it. There were also a few places where it was a bit scary, because of how steep the climb was. It was beautiful though. We were constantly stopping to snap photos of the scenic view. Apparently, we were the first Luther Nottingham group to all reach the top without using the train in seven years. After the climb we drove to Llandudno, the town that the hostel was in. We had expert reports on things we would be seeing the next day before all heading off in search of food. Ben, Michelle, Julia, Noah and I found a great pub to eat at that was modeled like a theatre. We were able to have nice, hardy food and lots of water. (Rehydrating from the strenuous climb.) Then we grabbed some snacks at a Sainsbury before walking down to the water. We had fun skipping rocks and just hanging out before heading back to the hostel and calling it a night. Our second day we all got up for a continental breakfast at 8:30am, and were on the road by 9am. Our first stop was in Conwy. In Conwy, Professor Johns gave us a tour of the city, which was a walled city next to the water with a cool castle. From there we headed to Caernarfon Castle. At Caernarfon we were able to watch a video about the castle, explore an exhibit and wander around throughout the castle. It was all very interesting. After a while, Noah, Julia and I decided to go out to a park across the water where we could eat our lunch with a great view of the castle. Then we jumped back on the bus and headed back to Llanberis in order to go to the Welsh National Museum of Slate. We got there just in time to watch a demonstration by a man who had been working with slate for over 40 years! After the demonstration we explored the museum where we got to see the kind of work that the workers did as well as the sort of houses that they would have lived in. Next, we headed to Capel Curig where Kennedy had stayed over part of last break for a HelpX. We hiked on a trail near the B&B and got a beautiful view of the little village. Then we walked down and looked at the B&B, but sadly the owner wasn’t around at the time so we had to leave without meeting her. After Capel Curig we all went to Betws-y-coed and had time to just explore. It was a very cool little village, but pretty touristy. Noah and I spent almost the entire time while we were there looking for something to eat. We finally settled on splitting an order of fish and chips that we just ate on the bus ride. Part way back to Nottingham, Bob, the bus driver stopped the bus in order to show us one of the ‘7 wonders of Wales,’ the Llangollen canal, which is a huge canal high over the water. It had an incredible view! It was just breathtaking! Our trip to Wales was such an amazing experience! I’m so glad that we were able to go on it. Wales, well the part that I saw of it, is incredibly beautiful. Cheers ladies and gents ☺

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