Volunteering, Running and Tourists

Hello All, This past weekend I got the opportunity to volunteer at a tennis tournament that was raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis research. My roommates and I traveled out into Virginia on Saturday evening and spent our night facilitating the tennis tournament while lots of people talked, dined and played a lot of tennis. It was nice feelings to donate my time to an event like this. Overall, the event raised over 300,000 dollars for Cystic Fibrosis research which is really awesome. It was a good experience and I got the chance to network with a few individuals (fingers crossed that it helps in the long run) On Sunday, I participated in the St. Patty’s Day 8k in Washington D.C. 8 kilometers is about 4.97 miles. I woke up bright and early and made my way into the city to see around 7,000 runners waiting for the start. This was, by far, the biggest race I have ran so far and it was awesome. I broke my 5k time and would have broken my 5 mile time (if I would have gone .3 of a mile longer) judging off my results. It was an awesome race and I saw tons of crazy people dressed up. Some people were in kilts, some people were decked out in green body paint, and some people didn’t wear any green at all (guilty). After the race, I took my visiting friends (who are on spring break) to some of the museums and monuments in DC. The weather was great and the museums were packed. Around here people talk about “tourist” season and it just began. Lots of people from across the country come to DC in March, April and May because of spring breaks/vacations. I could not tell you how many student groups I have seen in the past couple of days. It can be really inconvenient because during the morning rush, it is very fast paced and these student groups tend to take up a lot of space because they don’t know where they are going. I definitely try to avoid them (as bad as that sounds) but I have to make it to work on time! I am hoping that on my commutes/ when I visit any more museums it will be a little less packed with the tourist groups otherwise it could make traveling difficult. This week the weather has been very warm and I have had the opportunity to spend my time outside. I even got a little sunburned which usually never happens to me. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to be here all the time. It will be nice to just go outside and walk around instead of being stuck inside all day at my apartment. My lunch break is over, so now it’s back to the grind of work. Until next time.

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