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March 12, 2012

It was about Tuesday of last week that the weather randomly decided to be unbelievable nice, and it was glorious; unfortunately Wednesday choice not to be as nice. It was funny to see how the campus reacted to both of these days. On Tuesday every single person was in a great mood and everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather. But then on Wednesday it seemed like no one was having a good day, probably because no one wanted bad weather after the day we had Tuesday. Then there was yesterday, oh goodness! Yesterday was so wonderful, mostly because it was crazy nice again but also it was the weekend! I was planning on getting a lot of work done yesterday but as soon as I went outside I knew nothing was going to get done. I basically spent all day outside and did nothing. A group of us walked to Dunning’s Spring and enjoyed the summer weather in March. I feel like I could have done some work yesterday but in celebration of completing the Paideia research paper, which was due on Friday; I think everyone deserved to have a beautiful day off.

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