Good Ol' Lutheran Time

March 11, 2012

Apologies for the lack of bloggage in the last month. Life has taken over. It has been beautiful, but busy. February was a blur, but if the calendar says it is March and the thermometer says it is 60 degrees, I am not questioning!

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of going on my first ever Luther College Outreach Outing. Outreach is a part of College Ministries consisting of different teams that meet once a week for devotions, discussion and planning. Planning for what, you ask? Events at local churches, mostly working with the youth and/or participating in worship services. The team that traveled to Waucoma, IA this weekend consisted of myself and four other girls, three of whom I had never really met before. We had members from three different Outreach teams to have enough people to run the event, but it worked out. Our group immediately clicked on the short drive and spent the afternoon with about 20 youth.

    At the church, the children ranged from Kindergarten to ninth grade, and all were respectful, interested and engaged. After traditional ice breaker games, there was gospel work to be done with small groups, a skit to be learned and drawings to be made. The sunny, though windy, day allowed for games outside, much to our liking.

    The caring and hospitality continued as our Outreach group headed to a gracious host home, complete with cable, leather sofas and plentiful food. Honestly, we were spoiled and it was a great evening of bonding. What girls don’t bond over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and friendship bracelets?

    The next morning came a little too early (Did you remember Daylight Savings?), and we headed to our first of two church services. That weekend, the pastor had fallen ill, so the youth and Luther College Outreach came to the rescue, with gospel readings, prayers and a children’s sermon. After each service, steaming hot Lutheran coffee was served with greetings of thanks by the members of the church (about 20 in attendance at each church, not including us). This weekend was a good ol’ Lutheran one, and a chance to breath before the crazed week ahead. Until after spring break symphony tour, readers...

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