Research Paper

In honor of largest Paideia project of the year, this blog is dedicated to the Paideia research paper. The topic of this paper is determined by each professor, so every section has a different topic. The class topics are broad and each student has the chance to narrow it down to a field of interest for them. For example, my class’ subject is disabilities, and for my narrowed topic I am writing about stem cell research and its application to disabilities. Since each students gets to choose their own specific subtopic it makes the paper more engaging. As a biology and health science buff I am extremely intrigued by my topic, and actually makes the paper writing process somewhat enjoyable. The paper itself is supposed to be eight to ten pages, which seems like a daunting task, but in reality you find so much information on your topic it is easy to write that much. So far I have enjoyed writing this paper, the full rough draft is due Friday for all Paideia sections, hopefully the last few days of writing will be successful and mostly stress free.

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