It's March already!

It’s March. This fact seems to be something that not only excites me, but also makes me feel a bit sad. After almost six months living in Nottingham I’ve grown to really like it. I love riding buses everywhere I go. I love the Nottingham Uni campus, especially the library. I love our cozy flat. I’m going to miss all of this in a few short months when I pack my bags and take the leap across the pond. I'll be excited to go back to my family, friends and coworkers, that I miss so much, but... I’m very much torn on the subject. So are the rest of my flatmates though. We’ve all loved our time over here and it’s pretty crazy how quickly it seems to have gone so far. Since I last wrote, classes have recommenced. My new modules on campus include Developmental Psychology and Italian 1b. (Thank goodness that I made it through 1a.) I’m still slowly trying to figure out how the British do this. I don’t think I could ever get used to spending so little time in classes and having so little required assignments. We’re now taking a course on media in the flat and so far it’s been really interesting. We've been learning about the purpose that media serves in a democratic society. We wrote papers and gave speeches last weekend about what our ideal democratic society would be like. It was so interesting. We even had a flat trip to London this past weekend where we got to tour parliament! It was really cool! It was also very educational. I feel like I now understand their system a million times better. This week has proved to be fun and busy. Last night I attended a ‘Viva La Fiesta’ party with Natalino and Elise. (It was 80's vs. 90's themed, so we had a great time dressing up.) The funny thing about these parties is that everyone wears a sticker of their country’s flag. I now have an understanding that for some reason, completely unknown to me, being American is ‘attractive.’ When men approached me, it wasn’t all because they thought I was cute. No, it was because I had an American flag on my arm. One guy even walked up to me and put his arms in the air and yelled, “U.S.A. Wooo Hoo!” To which I quite mockingly threw my arms in the air and said the same thing, but I doubt he noticed the tone of voice I was using. It was an interesting experience though. We had a lot of fun dancing and it was flattering whenever a new group of boys wanted to join our circle. That is one of the interesting things about British dancing. I’ve learned that instead of men coming up behind you to grind (Oh, America). Boys come up to you, put out their hand and if you take it, they spin you and then begin dancing in your circle. It’s actually kind of cute. Oh, those Brits, being all old-fashioned and such. (If you can really call dancing to ‘We Found Love’ under strobe lights ‘old fashioned’). It was a good time. I’ll definitely try to attend a few more ‘Viva La Fiesta’ parties in the next few months. This evening, we went to the Vagina Monologues on campus in order to see my flatmate, Chelsey, perform. (She was phenominal, by the way.) I had forgotten how moving that play really is. I sat there fidgeting in an attempt to avoid crying like a baby. It really was great though. It’s so cool that she got involved in it while we were here. (Becca and Elise also helped out with the show.) Tomorrow I’m going to go to a park to kick around our new football (Yes, it’s new!) with some of my flatmates. Then tomorrow evening we’ll be having some Indian food and then going to the musical that Noah is in, ‘Curtains.’ It’s sure to be a hoot. Besides the recent excitement, I’ve just been busy with my modules, getting back in to running and football, reading a bit and hanging out with my amazing flatmates. Life is good over here across the pond. Definitely, gotta milk it while I’m still here. ;) Cheers ladies and gents J

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