Nottingham Uni Exams

Taking exams at the University of Nottingham was an entirely new experience for all of us Notts. After getting back from a month of galavanting around Europe, the last thing I was ready to do was buckle down and study. I got back and was just overcome with excitement from getting back to my flatmates, who now feel more like family than anything. The second night after returning to good ol’ Notting’am Mark and Mary invited us all over to their house for apple cider and treats. We all sat in their living room and just exchanged stories. It was such a cool experience because everyone had so many interesting stories. (As well as such horror stories. We all have them.) One interesting part of this experience is that given any topic each person seemed to be able to relate a tale. It didn’t matter if the topic was metros or dog poop. We all had a good supply of new stories to share. That night was such a great way to catch up and was an excellent reminder how great this year is. I love my Nottingham family. The next day I had to start getting serious about my exams. Lucky me, I had three of them. Ugh. Luckily my three exams were pretty well spread out though. Exams at the University of Nottingham are basically equivalent to the ACT and standardized tests that we dread in the US of A. You enter a large room where you sit at your assigned seat. (For some reason I always had the first or second seat. Is it because I’m foreign? Haha) Then they hand you a scary looking packet either in essay or scantron format. Everything is incredibly formal. They tell you when you are allowed to start and at the end of the exam the ‘invigilator’ says, “STOP right now. Put your pencil down.” The whole shebang. It’s just such a different way of testing than what I’m used to at Luther. Luther is trusting with it’s honor code, while Nottingham has specially hired ‘invigilators’ whose whole job is to stare you down while you’re tested. (Believe me, it’s pretty intense.) Once I finally got done with each exam I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder, and after my last one I felt relief. Good thing we get to do it all over again this spring. Haha But at least now we’ll know what exactly we’re getting ourselves in to. Here goes nothing. Cheers ladies and gents :)

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