This weekend, FREYA Girls Ultimate Frisbee and Luther B team boys (otherwise known as POUND for luther b => lb) took a seven hour trek down to St. Louis, Missouri to play in the Midwestern Throwdown tournament. I can honestly say that I’ve never witnessed a more exciting car ride. We gossiped and laughed and sang the whole way and I could feel us getting closer and more comfortable around each other as the hours passed. I love that feeling more than anything! And it’s so crucial to becoming a good team – tight friendships, trust, chemistry – these things are all almost as important to maintain off the field as on the field. As soon as we got to the hotels, we crashed – as we would have to be up at a painful 6:30 AM the next morning. Saturday morning we stocked up on breakfast foods and headed over to the fields. The weather LOOKED spectacular (sunny, blue skies) but the air was dry and cold and the sharp wind blew unforgivingly all morning. We struggled with our throws. Mine all went straight to the ground at first – I thought I would never get a throw off. But after warming up a bit more, they improved – for all of us – and we told ourselves we were ready to play! In the first game against North Park we dominated the first half of, but then we got full of ourselves I suppose and forgot to keep the intensity up because they gradually gained point after point. Before we knew it they had worked their way up to one point above us in the last couple minutes of the game. We were all horribly disappointed – as it was obvious that we were the stronger team – we just didn’t maintain our level of play. Yet somehow we didn’t learn our lesson in the next game, and a similar story took place against University of Minnesota. At this point, we were angry, riled up and ready to win. We took that energy and put it all into the next game, which we won with flying colors. It was the best feeling ever. We never relaxed - we always pushed through even when we were tired or defeated. This positive energy carried through into Sunday for our first game too! We shut out the first team 15-0 in only 35 minutes – the biggest accomplishment our team has made all year. And for the next game, the boys’ team came to cheer us on and I’m convinced that is the reason why we won our second game. It makes such a huge difference to have people on the sidelines rooting for you, telling you where the disc is and where you need to be on the field. ‘Sidelines make games’, as they say! Needless to say, the last game, we were exhausted and playing a very serious team. We scored the first two points but they soon figured out how to get around our defense and we lost our momentum. However overall I am so proud of how much we grew throughout this tournament! We bonded and our field chemistry got closer, our disc movement had tons of flow, and everything we did just looked more confident than I’ve ever seen it before. I cannot wait to see where this team goes in a few years! Love you Frey-Frey!

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