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Let me give you some updates about life out here in D.C. First, I don’t know if I mentioned this but the LCWS group gets to go to the White House on Wednesday for a tour! How lucky am I? I get the opportunity to go to the White House twice! It should be another really awesome experience and I hope to see and learn more about the White House from the tour. This past week we got to visit the International Spy Museum and see a lot of cool spy things. We saw lots of old spy tools that were used in WWII and the Vietnam War, which was definitely cool to see. The child in me came out during this visit and all of my hopes and dreams to become a spy came rushing back to me. Maybe a career at the FBI is my future? Who knows…. Work is going really well, we are wrapping up the documentary competition this week and announcing the winners on Wednesday! It is pretty exciting. This week I get to call some of the 1st and 2nd prizewinners and tell them that they are going to receive a cash prize to congratulate them on their documentary. I am excited to hear some of the students’ reactions when they find out they win. It should be great. Classes are at the halfway mark and I am starting to work on some of the requirements for the LCWS program. These requirements include attending a committee hearing, volunteering and visiting a protest (like Occupy DC) Throughout these next couple of weeks I am working on planning all of that stuff out. I am planning on volunteering at a Tennis Tournament this upcoming weekend, and at a race in April. It should be pretty fun! Life out here is definitely keeping me busy. The weeks keep flying by, and the weekends go by even faster. I can’t believe it is already March-where has the time gone? I have had so many great experiences and met a lot of interesting people and I hope I can continue to have these experiences as my these last couple of months come to a close. The internship search for the summer is becoming a pretty big process right now. I couldn’t tell you about how many that I have applied to but the number is up there. I hope I hear back from something because I definitely want to pursue spending my summer in D.C. Hope everyone enjoys the updates! Sorry they’re pretty brief! Until next time.

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