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March 2, 2012

    Sometimes college can put me in a daze. To-do lists a mile long, trudging from class to class in whatever season Iowa chooses to be in that day, and putting your blinders on to accomplish everything can make you miss the beauty sometimes. The last few weeks have been like this to some extent, only being able to take my nose off the grindstone for small bits of time. When copious amounts of reading are assigned, papers and worksheets need to be completed with my best efforts, piano pieces need to be learned, not skimmed over in practice sessions, I climb into bed satisfied with my productivity but lacking valuable time spent with friends and relaxing. I am not saying I don’t enjoy being busy, quite the opposite actually, but being reminded that it is ok to sit down and take a moment for yourself is needed sometimes. It is time to allow myself to take off the blinders and look around sometimes.

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