Dorian Daze

Week two of spring semester and I’ve read more texts, listened to more music and practiced more than I thought I could. My classes are still just as interesting as they were the last time I wrote, but I’ll focus on the musical aspects of my activities for this post.

    In the last two weeks, I’ve attended four concerts, all string instrument related, my favorite! The first was a collaboration of faculty from different Midwest universities, the violinist being from Luther. The trio included violin, piano and horn and they played traditional and contemporary pieces. I’ve never heard that combination of instruments before, but the crisp violin with the mellow horn and the diverse piano made for great harmonies. The contemporary piece wasn’t my favorite, but that’s not my favorite genre to begin with. The next three recitals included Nordic Choir’s Homecoming Concert, which was stunning, of course, and two student recitals. When required to attend 12 recitals a semester, hearing four in the first week, mostly shared by your peers, is no chore.

    The Dorian Festival for orchestra was also held this weekend. This means about 100 high schoolers practicing and performing music with Luther music faculty for two days. Although they invade practice rooms and make the caf more crowded than usual, I would have loved to have been able to attend this workshop. Symphony Orchestra also had the opportunity to perform both the Firebird Suite and the Brahms violin concerto with Tarn Travers as part of the festival. Seeing the audience’s reaction to our music gave me a taste of spring break tour. However, all this recent snow is bringing me back to the realities of winter for now.

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