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Hello All! Another week has past and it’s time for another update about my life out in D.C. Now where to begin? For starters, the weather out here has been really nice. I have had the pleasure to go on numerous runs outside, which is pretty uncommon to hear about in January! I am not sure how it compares to weather back home but, normally, I am used to having a ton of snow and cold temperatures to compliment the cold winter months. Tomorrow the LCWS group is heading to the Pentagon for a tour of the facility. It should be a pretty cool thing to experience; I am definitely excited to visit. It will also be nice to relax and catch up on some sleep tonight. I have noticed that I am not used to working these long days and staying up late like I normally do. I have gotten so behind on sleep that I find myself dosing off at work sometimes which is definitely is not good. So hopefully I will be able to get to bed early and sleep in a little bit to feel a little less exhausted. I have to write my first paper of the semester tonight for one of my classes. I am not sure if I have mentioned my classes or not but I am taking two of them while I spend my semester in D.C. The first is Business and Public Policy where we discuss Public Policy issues and their effect on the businesses, and the second is a class called Violence and Values which discusses violence and the values that we associate with them (if you couldn’t guess by the name of the course). Both of my classes are very interesting as of now, but we will see how they go throughout the semester. It is definitely tiring to go to work all day then come to a night class (Props to all the Grad School Students that do this on the regular!) My paper is on whether or not I think the death penalty should be abolished. I am not sure which side to take, so it might be a long night (besides the fact that I haven’t written a paper in about 2 months now) Wish me luck! Hopefully my night goes smoothly and I catch up on some sleep tonight! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of February and can’t wait to update you all about all of the things I am up to out here! Take Care, Mario

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