Alright With Me

January 6, 2012

    Here I sit in an overflowing Oneota Market, listening to other Luther students reuniting with friends after J-Term, exchanging stories of adventures that accrued throughout the month. I have already heard most of the happenings from my two roommates’ adventures, and had a few days off to prepare for spring semester which started last week.

    After buying some last-minute books, rearranging my room and sleeping quite a bit, it was time for J-Term Break to be over and Spring Semester to begin. My classes this semester include Music Theory II and Ear Training II, World of St. Patrick, Research Methods and Rhetoric of War and Peace. Music theory is more or less the same class as last semester, just a continuation. Fun Fact from my Classics course: St. Patrick was British and kidnapped by pirates at the age of 15 and became a missionary in Ireland. Philip Freeman, the professor, didn’t make us buy any materials for the course, and instead gave us the book he wrote on the subject! Likewise, my Rhetoric of War and Peace class only requires one novel, and the rest of the reading will be posted on the KATIE website (the site where one can check grades, syllabi and other course information). Luther professors are so generous! My last class, Research Methods, is all Communication Studies majors like myself, the first of this kind of class for me. Learning how to write like a Communication Studies scholar will be very interesting and most helpful for my future senior paper.

    Other activities on my plate include Symphony and piano lessons. Luther College is hosting the Dorian Festival for high school orchestra students next week. Symphony will be performing on the last day of the festival so we can show off our hard work from the past month. It’s also an effective recruiting event for the department, and part of my job will be to host a few students that weekend as well. Any Dorian Festival adds a little extra chaos to campus, but it’s a good experience for the students involved.

    In other news, Eric Hutchinson gave a live concert in the CFL Friday night as part of the Student Activities Council Concert Series. I was impressed that he sounds exactly as he does on his records, which is a rarity in the music industry these days. Eric and his back up musician (who rocked blonde dreads all they way down his back) provided some soulful entertainment for the evening. Their casual demeanor made it feel like the almost-full CFL was a jam session in a friend’s dorm room, an impressive feat. With more concerts and events coming up, this semester is sounding “Alright with me.”

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